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Monika Holland, GAPS coach and nutritional therapist, invited me to discuss PCOS and hormonal health.


Monika is the founder of How2GAPS, a 3'000-member strong Facebook group where she facilitates members easing into the GAPS diet as laid out by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride.

In this 2-part podcast, Monika and I discuss PCOS and hormonal disturbances, underlying causes and possible triggers, the link with auto-immune conditions, associated medical risks, how relevant is gut health...⁠ And of course SOLUTIONS! ⁠Easy-to-implement tips that won't break the bank but will make a big impact.⁠

Click here to listen

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Is your cycle a source of pain and frustration?

Do you worry about your chances of becoming a mum ?

Painful, irregular period, crazy PMS, deficient ovulation, endometriosis... 

No options on the table beyond birth control, IVF or hysterectomy? Looking for a more sustainable alternative?

Have you tried everything to loose weight and keep it off?

Sub-optimal metabolic activity makes weight loss difficult.

PCOS-related hormonal dysfunction may include elevated adrenal activity, insulin resistance and thyroid malfunction.

Standard dieting recommendations (eg. portion control and calorie counting) do not work?

You may have read that vegan or keto/paleo is the way to go, or tried to remove gluten and dairy with little improvement?


Are you worried about the long-term health risks?

More than 50% of women with PCOS will have diabetes or prediabetes before the age of 40.

The risk of heart attack is 4-7 times higher.

You may have read that lifestyle changes are required but you are not sure where to start? Or find it difficult to sustain lasting changes and create new healthy habits?

90% of women with PCOS in the UK feel they do not get sufficient support from the NHS to help them deal with it.

Because PCOS is a multi-factorial metabolic syndrome, it is very difficult to treat with a conventional approach. 

Are you tired of being sent from specialist to specialist? 

Do you feel like nobody is looking at the big picture?

Do you wish to be treated as a person rather than a sum of deficient organs? 


Are you tired of band-aid solutions?

Symptom management can result in a cocktail of pills and potions. They have their own toxic load that the body needs to work extra hard to eliminate, and side-effects that compound over time and can catalyse additional health conditions.

Do you feel like there is more to this? That there must be another way? Would you like to own the tools to your health?


I have been there too!

I developed PCOS in 2014 and am currently symptom-free after a decade of trial-and-error.


As a result, I retrained to become a registered classical homeopath, a yoga instructor and a NLP coach. I also have 15 years experience in nutritional strategies. 

I believe every woman can live a life free from PCOS symptoms provided she is ready to address the underlying causes and do the work.

I believe in stimulating the body's natural healing capacity. I believe the body, an infinitely complex organism that evolved over millions of years, knows best and often, we are the one standing in its way -simply because we lost the user manual. 

My goal is to restore the balance within your body at  the foundational level, so with a little lifestyle changes you can live symptom-free and enjoy your life to the fullest. Are you ready?

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Ways to work together


You want profound, long-lasting results on your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

You want safe, non-toxic solutions.

You want to support your body's natural regenerative functions and immune system.


You want to break nasty habits like smoking, biting nails, snacking, or crave sodas.


You find yourself again and again in similar situations, repeating patterns or sabotage your own efforts.

Full & remarkable solution

You are ready to commit to your health & well-being.

You understand that some of your old ways must be forgotten and expect full support during the forming of healthy habits.

You want1:1 coaching on all levels - gut-healing nutrition, homeopathy and healthy mindset.

Book a FREE 30-minute discovery call to find out how you could benefit from  homeopathy.

Book a FREE 30-minute discovery call to find out how you could benefit from  homeopathy and natural health coaching.

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