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You are ready to experience profound changes on the mental, emotional and physical plane.

Homeopathy will boost your health in quantum leaps.

This healing method works by supporting your body's natural regenerative, healing functions - yet is safe and non-toxic. It eradicates root causes and allows your body to find its balance and thus, to heal.

I will take into account all aspects of your person: mental, emotional, physical.

aspire to offer a non-judgmental, open and safe environment where you can feel heard and seen.

Package £200 includes

Initial consultation | Skype video | 90 min. 

Follow-up after 1 week | Skype audio | 15 min.

Follow-up after 1 month | Skype video | 30-45 min.

Remedies, stamps and postage (UK+Europe)

Subsequent consultations 80£

Remedies, stamps and postage (UK+Europe) included

Find out if your health insurance supports homeopathy.

Duration of treatment depends on many factors, discussed during the consultation.

3 and 6 months treatments plans are also available at a beneficial rate. Call me to discuss options.

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