3 Reasons Not To Work With Me

Dynamize was created out a passion for natural health and wellness. I support women in healing naturally from PCOS so they can up level their life in every aspect and become the person they really aspire to be, PCOS-free.

I am often asked who am I and what are my creds.

Well I can tell you this much.

1. I am not a physician

I do not offer diagnostic. I do not prescribe medication. I do not manage symptoms. I do not look at a specific organ or system with a myopic view. I do not use a reductionist, materialistic approach - your ovaries this, your blood sugar that.

2. I am not a nutritionist

I do not make you count calories, nor calculate macros. I will not put you on a green juice diet for detoxification or ask you to eat just berries and sprouts for anti-oxidants. No, you will not go keto either. I even discourage vitamin supplements!

In fact, I pay very little attention to your current vs. desired weight. Weight gain is a symptom. And I do not manage symptoms.

3. I am not a personal trainer

I do not put together work outs. I know nothing more about HIIT or Pilates than you do. I will not have you push-up, press-up or squat.

At this point you may be wondering so what is this all about?

I am simply someone who has been through this and came out healed. I know every step of the way and can relate to how it feels.

I understood that this experience was my gift. I made it my mission to support as many women as possible in getting the same outcome. I retrained, quit my day job, set up Dynamize; with the goal to offer exactly what I wish I had found 10 years ago when I developed PCOS.

There is no silver bullet, panacea or magic pill. Once you are ready to make deep, lasting changes, we can work together.

No more tactics. I offer a comprehensive, full and remarkable solution. My method addresses body, mind and spirit - as corny as it may sound.

First we remove obstacles to cure. They may be internal or environmental. They may be mental, emotional or physical.

Then we provide the body the building blocks and other tools necessary to repair and heal.

Finally we support and protect the work done.

I hand you over the tools so you become the architect of your own health.

You are invited to explore beyond your comfort zone and expand the limits of your current beliefs.

What does full health mean to you?

What does vibrant health feels like?

Who would you be and what would you do if PCOS wasn’t in your way?

Disclaimer: I am professionally qualified for the job and fully insured. I am a registered classical homeopath, a certified yoga teacher and NLP coach.

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