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Chemical-free life. Where do I start?

+80’000 different chemicals have been created in the past 100 years. None of them existed back in our great grand parents’ generation.

None of these compounds have been tested individually for safety, let alone for compound effect.

Do you really think the body is equipped to deal with such toxic overload?

What happens when it is exposed day after day after day, for decades, to tens of thousands chemicals?

Powerful neurotoxins and hormone disruptors are hidden in your laundry detergent, floor cleaner, shower gel, body cream, deodorant, perfume, make-up, shaving cream, baby powder, home fragrance, candles, tap water, plastic bottle, plastic containers, non-stick pan, coffee, plant-based milk, processed food, hand sanitiser… it’s mind-boggling.

Where do you start?


Step 2: Switch for chemical-free brands. Start with what you put inside your body (water, food), then what you put directly on your skin and things with fragrances. For the rest, replace as they run out. Brands I support:

  • Organic food, grass-fed meat and dairy. Real food doesn’t require a label. Go to farmers' markets. Use a veg box delivery service. Find raw milk and organic, grass-fed meats here.

  • Water filter. In case you missed the news, tap water in the UK is now fluoridated. Clean water, free from fluoride, chlorine, glyphosate, xenoestrogens, anti-depressants & co is paramount to good health. Unfortunately your Brita will not do the job. Only reverse osmosis systems will clean out fluoride, pesticide and hormone residues. Consider investing in Aquatru (needs plug) or Berkey (standalone). The taste is so pure I'm reluctant to drink outside home.

  • Cookware: cast iron pots & pans (I bought a set of 3 skillets on Amazon for £27), wooden utensils, glass containers.

  • Skincare & body care. Thankfully there are lots of clean brands nowadays. My personal favs are Truth Treatments for the purest active ingredients, DrHauschka for all-round skincare, Neils Yard Remedies for made in the UK and REN. I also started using pure tallow mixed with a few drops of essential oils as face moisturiser and it's a total game-changer.

  • Perfume, home fragrances. Personally I haven't used perfume for over 10 years and use this salt rock deodorant exceptionally. My diet is clean and I exercise regularly so I produce no body odour. At home I use an essential oil diffuser and pure incense. But if you like scents, try Skylar

  • Home cleaning & laundry. You will find Ecover in most supermarkets. Homebiotic is like probiotic for your home, it's unique in that it recreates a healthy microbiome inside your home. Good old white vinegar + essential oils or baking soda for cleaning, soap nuts for laundry also work wonders.

What did I miss? Let me know

None of these links are affiliates. Theses are just my tried and tested good tips.


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