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Heal your family's seasonal colds, coughs & sniffles

Would you like to be able to heal your whole family from seasonal colds, coughs and sniffles?

Would you like to switch to 100% natural, non-toxic, non-habit forming, chemical-free natural remedies instead of over-the-counter drugs?

Seasonal colds, sniffles and coughs are your body's opportunity to upgrade its immune system and expel accumulated toxins. Instead of suppressing the symptoms with anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic (against fever) drugs, what if you could support this very important process and speed up recovery?

Homeopathy is energy-based healing

and stimulates your body's innate healing capacity. It operates at a foundational level and resolves imbalances that manifest as dis-ease, instead of just managing symptoms.

Using homeopathy strengthens your immune system and reduces your susceptibility to future illness.

It can be used at all ages, all health conditions, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

After this webinar you will be able to:

- Attend to your family's colds, coughs and sniffles

- Learn the cues to identify the most common seasonal illness remedies

- Know how to prescribe the suitable homeopathic remedy successfully

- Know how to follow the illness evolution and resolution

- Understand when you need to consult a qualified homeopath or medical healthcare professional

A printable handout will be provided to recap.

Join us October 6th at 6pm UK time. I cannot wait to see you there!

Do you have questions about this webinar? Send me an email

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