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How does homeopathy support hormonal health?

This week is Homeopathy Awareness Week so let’s focus on this wonderful system of medicine that is safe, non-toxic, compatible with conventional medication, not tested on animals and eco-friendly!

The most important thing to remember is that homeopathy treats individuals, not diseases.

Contrary to conventional medicine, there is no standardised protocol for a diagnosis.

Instead we look at the whole individual, physically emotionally mentally and even spiritually to find the most adapted treatment.


The second important fact to remember is that Homeopathy stimulates the body natural healing capacity to restore balance at all levels, from within. Let me explain this.

What the Chinese call Chi and Hindus call Prana, homeopaths call Vital Force. This Vital Force holds a vibrational resonance, a frequency. Any distortion in this frequency will manifest on the physical plane as symptoms. So symptoms are messengers. They signal that something is awol at a foundational, energetic level. We homeopaths treasure symptoms and take a lot of time to listen to our patients to collect them. In direct opposition to the conventional approach which is to kill the messenger, suppress every symptom.

So homeopathic remedies stimulate the Vital Force in the body. The appropriate remedy, selected according to the manifesting symptoms, has the ability to fine tune the vibrational frequency of the Vital Force back to its optimal level.


A little like a melody. Each and everyone of us has their own specific melody. When the Vital Force is disturbed (generally by a trauma, emotional or physical or trans-generational), the melody becomes discordant. The appropriate remedy for you is the one matching most closely your original melody. When administered, this remedy will restore harmony at all levels.

What I find most wonderful is that it works for physical symptoms but also emotional and mental ones. Grief, depression, suicidal thoughts, phobias, anxiety are all deviations from our natural, healthy happy state. So homeopathy addresses trapped emotions, unresolved trauma and even intergenerational trauma.


Last but not least.

In order to heal, you need to remove obstacles to healing. No amount of homeopathy can heal someone who persists with poor lifestyle choices or toxic situations.

Diet is obviously a major obstacle to healing. A race car cannot run on cheap oil and diesel. The appropriate nutritional strategy must support the hormonal system by being void of inflammatory foods (high GI, refined and transformed, deep-fried, additives and flavourings, sugar, yeast, refined salt, etc.). , be easy to assimilate (lots of bio-available foods such as eggs and organs meats + preparation techniques such as fermentation an sprouting) and support gut health (rich in natural pre- and probiotics).

Other factors are : vitamin D deficiency, poor quality of sleep, poor stress management, lack of movement, exposure to environmental toxins such as EMFs or endocrine disruptors. But equally important are healthy relationships, sex, community and connection, overall sense of purpose, of fulfilment in one’s life.

In cases where those changes couldn’t happen because courage and determination lacked, homeopathy provides the impulse necessary to make those changes and sticking to them. In the words of one of my patients, “After all those years, I am finally putting myself first and taking care of my health”.


In conclusion, homeopathy supports hormonal health by restoring balance at the foundational, energetical level. Equally important is to support yourself with adequate lifestyle adjustments.

May the Vital Force be with you!


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