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PCOS & Hormonal Health on GAPS 101 podcast

Monika Holland, GAPS coach and nutritional therapist, invited me to discuss PCOS and hormonal health. Monika is the founder of How2GAPS, a 3'000-member strong Facebook group where she facilitates members easing into the GAPS diet as laid out by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride.

The GAPS diet focuses on gut health and restoring a health microbiome. Dr Natasha was among the first in the scientific community to link gut health with behavioural, chronic and even auto-immune disorders. Her work with autistic children has since then been recognised worldwide. Her books are treasure troves of information and gather the most cutting-edge scientific research on those topics.

In this 2-part podcast, Monika and I discuss PCOS and hormonal disturbances, underlying causes and possible triggers, the link with auto-immune conditions, associated medical risks, how relevant is gut health...⁠ And of course SOLUTIONS! ⁠Easy-to-implement tips that won't break the bank but will make a big impact.⁠ In part 2 we answer questions from the How2GAPS community.

Or if you prefer, click here to listen to the podcasts on Spotify


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