We decided to have a taco night the other day and damn was it worth it!

Prep. time 1h

You will need, for 4 portions (1 portion is 2 tortillas):

- 8 corn tortillas

- 400g chicken breast fillets

- 200g cheddar

- 2 ripe avocados

- 1 bell pepper

- taco sauce

- Cholula hot sauce

- sour cream

- 2 lime (1 for guac. + 1/2 pp)

- 1 bunch coriander

- 4 spring onions

- sea salt

We're going to prepare all the ingredients separately so the tacos can be made on the spot around the table.

Start with steaming the chicken until tender. Depending on the size of the fillet, it will take 6-8 minutes. Check the colour by poking a fillet in its center with a sharp knife. If it's still pink, leave for another minute. Rinse under cold water to stop the cooking process. Crumble the fillets with your fingers into small thin bits.

Prepare the guacamole. Cut the avocados in half in length, remove the pit and spoon out the flesh into a small bowl. Purée with a fork and drizzle with a whole lime juice. Mix well. Add salt to taste.

Grate the cheddar into a small bowl.

Cut the bell pepper into 4 and remove the seeds. Cut into thin slices and serve in a small bowl.

Chop thinly the coriander and spring onions and serve into separate bowls.

In a hot dry pan, warm the tortillas then keep them warm in a towel.

Place all the ingredients on the table: tortillas, chicken, cheddar, guac, taco sauce, hot sauce, sour cream, pepper, coriander, spring onions, lime. Enjoy!

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