What is homeopathy and what can it do for me? PART 1

What is it not:

  • it is not New Age

  • it is not an Eastern healing art

  • it is not plants or phyto-therapy (although plants are used to prepare some remedies, homeopathic remedies can be made from anything: sand, salt, x-ray radiation, mineral water, fungus, milk!)

  • it is not placebo (although placebo can be prescribed at times)


So what is homeopathy?

It is a complete system of medicine that has existed for over 200 years.

In fact homeopathy used to be so popular that in the early 1900’s there were, in the USA alone,

  • 22 homeopathic medical schools

  • 100+ homeopathic hospitals

  • 1000+ homeopathic pharmacies

The oldest national physician organisation in the USA is not the American Medical Association but the American Institute of Homeopathy.

This popularity was well-founded and based on real results.

In 1864, the homeopathic Cavalry Depot Military Hospital in St-Louis reported a mortality of 0.6% vs 12% at the conventional St-Louis City Hospital during the same period.

Denver homeopathic hospital records from 1910 show that out of +150.000 deaths, the casualties from conventional treatments were 1.8x to 4.99x those of homeopathy. That’s 180% to almost 500% increased risk of death from conventional treatment vs homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy attracted the most respected literary elite, many of the leading members of the clergy, well-placed politicians and many of the richest families of America, as well as most European Royal family members.

So what happened?

From its inception, homeopathy antagonised conventional physicians and pharmacists.

Physicians because homeopathic physicians openly criticised the conventional treatments of the time: blood-letting, prescriptions of mercury, arsenic, lead and other poisons in high doses. So much so, that the American Medical Association (AMA) banned its members from consulting with a homeopath, using homeopathy or even taking on a homeopath’s patient.