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homeopath fulham

Natural health solution for people

who are ready to do something about it.


That health issue won’t get in your way anymore and you can finally enjoy your life to the fullest.


Life can be demanding. Juggle work, kids, partners, pets, family and social obligations. Health often comes last. Yet that "thing" has a way of always creeping in, reminding you that I should really take care of it. That "thing" may be sciatica, PMS, migraines, palpitations, eczema or a million other things. It always flares up at the worse time, when your plate is full and you really have no time/energy/bandwidth for this. So you ignore it.


My job is to listen to you. To make you feel heard like no-one before. To listen even for what you’re not saying. Sometimes it’s enough to start the healing process. 


I developed PCOS (polycystic ovaries, a hormonal disorder that compromises fertility) in 2011 and am currently symptom-free after a decade of trial-and-error. During this process, I discovered the power of homeopathy. It just worked. So much so, that I had no choice but to become a homeopath.

The human body is intelligent and infinitely wise. Nature gave us all the tools necessary to heal and stay healthy. Health does not come from a pill or a superfood. It comes from addressing the underlying causes and reconnecting to a natural environment.

I believe there is incredible power at the intersection of personal responsibility and natural health. I get most excited when I see people claiming back their power and taking responsibility for their own health.


Are you ready?

homeopath fulham


You are ready for profound, long-lasting results on your physical, mental and emotional plane.
You want safe, non-toxic solutions.

You want to support your body's natural regenerative functions and immune system.

Homeopathy will boost your health in quantum leaps. This 200 year old system of medicine is 100% safe, non-toxic, has no side effects, ecologically-friendly and can be used while pregnant and breastfeeding, on babies and children, on pets and even plants.

This healing method works by supporting your body's natural regenerative, healing functions. It eradicates root causes and allows your body to find its balance and thus, to heal.

I will take into account all aspects of your person: mental, emotional, physical. I aspire to offer a non-judgmental, open and safe environment where you can feel heard and seen.

Duration of treatment depends on many factors, discussed during the consultation.

Find out if your health insurance supports homeopathy.

Book a FREE 30-minute discovery call to find out how you could benefit from  homeopathy.

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