LZ, Geneva (CH)

I visited Svetlana for my 6 years old son who had some molluscum contagiosum on the arm as well as a rash of eczema that he had had for nearly a year. I couldn’t use the dermatologist’s treatment for molluscum because of the eczema, and the eczema would get better with the cortisone cream but would come back as soon as we stopped applying it. He also developed a wart under his toe for the past few months. 


Svetlana made her diagnosis pretty quickly with a few questions and a test to confirm it. The treatment is extremely easy and amazingly light. Within two visits and one month time, it all disappeared and never came back.

CE, Bordeaux (fr)

It was the first time I consulted a homeopath.


The session started with an in-depth discussion about my life, my emotions, my feelings in order to find the most suitable remedy. 

Although skeptical at first, it turned that from the 1st dose I felt better, lighter and my ailments alleviated.

This experice with Svetlana has been very beneficial for me and I recommend her!

YP, geneva (CH)

The first week of treatment was very peculiar... Then my sleep strongly improved. My wife says I've completely changed, in a good way. I feel better and more at peace.

DS, geneva (ch)

I had a sudden allergy outbreak, so I went to several doctors. They all prescribed me various cortisone and antibiotic lotions and pills. Nobody knew what caused the reaction... so why treat my body with all that stuff?

After a consultation with Svetlana, she knew exactly what to give me and predicted precisely when it would be going away. She knew, she knows and will know for a future treatment.

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