Sarah, PCOS

I have lost 9 kg at the time of writing this testimonial. I have not been able to shift any weight in years even though I have tried many diets. My energy levels have improved by 70% and I have even noticed an improvement in the growth of my facial hair. Even my beautician has commented on the fact that my facial hair has significantly improved. My periods can still be painful however my periods are not nearly as painful as they used to be. I contribute all of these improvements due to the input that I have received from Svetlana. Click on the pic to read more

PCOS polycystic ovaries

Anoushka, PCOS


I want to let you know that it is day 2 of my period and I have not yet taken any painkillers which is absolutely unusual and amazing!


I don't quite know what would have happened if I did not find you. I am so grateful for all of your input. It has literally transformed my life.

CE, Stress and Anxiety

It was the first time I consulted a homeopath.


The session started with an in-depth discussion about my life, my emotions, my feelings in order to find the most suitable remedy. 

Although skeptical at first, it turned that from the 1st dose I felt better, lighter and my ailments alleviated.

This experience with Svetlana has been very beneficial for me and I recommend her!

JJ, Female health

I felt listened to with my health issue. Svetlana used her detailed knowledge to offer me a treatment that worked.

She is attentive, kind and willing to dive into the inquiry in order to heal the imbalance in my body.

YP, Sleep

The first week of treatment was very peculiar... Then my sleep strongly improved. My wife says I've completely changed, in a good way. I feel better and more at peace.


I have always had an upset stomach, but the pain had become really unbearable, sometimes causing inability to walk + psychological distress and mental fatigue.

The worst was also probably the constant apprehension of having to cancel meetings or going to dinner hoping not to be sick.

I did blood checks to check food intolerances and was taking daily treatment and anti-spasmodic which were ineffective. 

Shortly after starting the treatment, I noticed impressive results: on a city break away I ate many foods that normally provoke a crisis and no pain, nor in the weeks that followed.

LZ, Eczema & Skin

I visited Svetlana for my 6 years old son who had some molluscum contagiosum on the arm as well as a rash of eczema that he had had for nearly a year. I couldn’t treat the molluscum because of the eczema, and the eczema would get better with the cortisone cream but would come back as soon as we stopped applying it. He also developed a wart under his toe for the past few months. 


Svetlana made her diagnosis pretty quickly with a few questions and a test to confirm it. The treatment is extremely easy and amazingly light.


Within two visits and one month time, it all disappeared and never came back.

DS, Allergy

I had a sudden allergy outbreak, so I went to several doctors. They all prescribed me various cortisone and antibiotic lotions and pills. Nobody knew what caused the reaction... so why treat my body with all that stuff?

After a consultation with Svetlana, she knew exactly what to give me and predicted precisely when it would be going away. She knew, she knows and will know for a future treatment.

NO, Female Health

I was very pleased about my experience with Svetlana as a homeopath.

Her approach was concise and focused, her questions guided me through finding more autonomy about my health at length.


I find her a sincerely passionate practitioner, well researched and felt secure to be with the right person.

After starting the treatment: I noticed a heat regulation in my body which helped the herpes virus to be far less active.


Thanks again.