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PCOS Before & After

Today I'd like to share the case study of Sarah, a stunning woman who came to me with PCOS.

Sarah (name modified to preserve anonymity) came to me to address her polycystic ovaries syndrome. During initial evaluation, she shared the following issues that were bothersome for her, and graded them from 1 to 10 in terms of how much they jeopardised her quality of life (0 not bothersome at all - 10 severely distressing and ruining her life).

  • Facial hair that required waxing every 7-10 days. Beside the damage to the skin caused by frequent waxing, facial hair was causing her great insecurity. Valued at 10/10.

  • Debilitating period with heavy flow and intense pain, causing her to take sick days and be bed-ridden for two whole days with strong painkillers. Valued at 8/10.

  • Weight gain: she had put on 12kg over the course of 2 years and wanted to drop 10kg (1.5 stone). Valued at 8/10.

  • Chronic fatigue, valued at 5/10.

  • Hayfever, debilitating at times to the point where she could not get out of the house at all.

  • Shoulder pain that was intermittent but annoying.


The initial consultation with a homeopath lasts on average 90 minutes. That much time is necessary to get to know you. Your current situation, your work and family dynamics, your current diet and lifestyle, what keeps you up at night and what you aspire to. Being the impartial observer and offering nothing but listening for what you're REALLY saying and holding space, is a role I would change for nothing in the world. Magic happens when people feel heard and seen. Sometimes, it is enough to initiate a shift towards better health.

Sarah went on and applied the advice I gave her in terms of nutrition and lifestyle adapatation. She diligently took the course of homeopathic remedies. She prioritised her health and getting better and learnt to say no when she was faced with situations which could have jeopardised her recovery.


Within only three months of working together, we achieved the following results:

  • Her shoulder pain was gone.

  • Her hay fever was better by 50%, albeit being the most trialling time of the year (June).

  • Her chronic fatigue was gone. She reported going for 15km and 22km walking trails!

  • Although her weight was the last indicator to move, she lost 6kg in just 1 months - 60% of her initial goal. She then lost a further 3kg the next month, reaching 90% of her end goal.

  • For the first time in her life, she experienced a period without painkillers. In her own words "which is absolutely unusual and amazing!"

  • The facial hair went from requiring waxing almost weekly to monthly. Crazy, right? She even admitted that was the only marker she didn't believe could move.

Throughout the 3 months we worked together, Sarah never ceased to amaze me by her dedication to get better.

She continues to enjoy to her newfound lifestyle and has now gained enough knowledge about her health and tools available to her to continue this journey on her own.

Wouldn't you wish that for everyone?


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